Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Fellowship Deadline is Friday!

The 2011 Fund For Teachers Fellowship Deadline is this Friday January 28! I strongly urge anyone who qualifies to submit an application. Dream big. I did! :)

I admit I spent quite a lot of time on research, writing, and submitting my proposal.  Yet with determination, there is definitely still time to write one (or finish one you have started).  Last year after all the effort, I decided that even if I did not get in, it was worth it for the joy of dreaming and deciding what would be best for me. I vowed to try to find another way of financing this dream. I am very, very, very gratful to the Fund for Teachers and all the individual donors who made this possible. Sometimes I still can't believe it happened. I'm not crying because it's over. I'm STILL smiling because it happened. :) I have made lifelong friends, learned extremely valuable methods that I have already begun to incorporate in my classroom, and I have close connections with professors in Norway and memories in Denmark and Finland.

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