Thursday, July 8, 2010

España! España! España! :)

 The Octopus was right again!

We had another special night watching the World Cup Semi-Finals against Germany.  We were, however, unable to get into our normal viewing spot due to extremely large crowds.  My friends were funny, saying they were Spanish and to please let them in.  Instead, we tried a smaller viewing area at a park by my dorm (the one I saw my first night while walking around the city).  We began to watch, but then it started to rain and eventually we lost the signal.  We hopped back on our Oslo City bikes and headed towards Karl Johans Gate, a very fun, lively pedestrian area with an outdoor cafe next to a fountain.  We were able to peer at those tvs and enjoy a great evening as Spain won.  I was beginning to feel that Spain was my team now.

I'm not sure if news hit the states much about Paul the Octopus with mystical powers, but it's been crazy how accurate his predictions have been.  It's all over the news here in Europe.

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