Friday, July 9, 2010

Our final inquiry

We had our final inquiry session today, and it was bittersweet.  We have really enjoyed working with each other, testing out various activities, tools, and methods for running philosophical inquiries in the class -- using anything from a picture to an excerpt from a novel as a stimulus for our thinking and questioning.  We have all improved drastically as a group and although it was hard sometimes as Bo was quite a probing gadfly with us, we really got a lot out of it.  I wish the class was longer, but now I know for sure that I want to do more research and training in this area.  As I work on my final papers, I can begin to brainstorm ways to use this in my classroom this fall.  I also know I will have an excellent support network to refer to as I attempt to implement this kind of thinking.

After our last class, we had another trip to the islands--this time organized by the school.  I invited my mom and aunt to join us on the boat, and they enjoyed meeting my classmates and speaking with them . Since they were feeling a bit tired, they did not walk on the islands with us, but they enjoyed the boat ride.  I returned to visit them at their hotel for a little bit before coming back to my dorm.

I'm excited for the "Norway in a Nutshell" trip tomorrow. Since I'm getting up at 5am, I'm off to sleep. :)

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